Rhetorical Analysis of a Camel Cigarettes Ad

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Rhetorical Analysis of a Camel Cigarettes Ad

With the spread of information due to advanced technology and better education, it’s sometimes surprising to find out what was used in the past to tempt consumers into buying products. This advertisement is a very good example of how a lack of knowledge in a subject can cause consumers to trust misleading or irrelevant information. This Camel cigarettes ad is a very effective ad for its time, because it uses multiple rhetorical strategies as well as bright colors and what many would feel is a trusting and honest face to sell their product.

The first and most striking feature of this ad is the bright red color which takes up a large portion of the top of the ad. Its brightness and contrast to the rest of the ad quickly catches the eye and causes the consumer to focus on the ad. This is clearly the entire point of the color scheme, in that to attract the eye and get consumers to read the ad. This very subtle use of pathos via color works very well, as many colors can cause or effect emotion. Even as old as the ad is, it is one of the reasons I noticed out of all the other ads.

The second, less striking but much more powerful aspect of the ad is the use of the rhetorical strategy of ethos. The ad implies that their product is the best because of their trusted and credible experts including both doctors and highly respected research organizations. Interestingly, nothing medically relevant is included to explain why their brand is the best. Clearly the ad is attempting to convince the reader without using any actual fact.

Finally, the last aspect of the ad is a very mild use of the rhetorical strategy of logos. The ad makers are attempting to use your logical choice to listen and follow direction of people in the medical field, because one would logically assume they know best when it comes to our bodies and health. While a very small implication, it is still a valid and powerful use of this strategy. Back...

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