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The purpose of our research aims to have a better understanding of the factors influencing purchase intention of iPhone among ABAC students. We will study the attitude toward purchase intention of iPhone. Also, we will determine the effects of product perception, value, core brand attitude and security on purchase intention of customers towards iPhone. Moreover, we will determine the most important factor affecting purchase intention and study the difference in purchase intention of iPhone among demographic factors such as age, gender, monthly income. Last but not least, we will measure the level of purchase intention on product perception, value, core brand attitude and security to iPhone.

From the 400 questionnaires that were distributed and returned, we found out that 26.8% of ABAC students currently own Nokia phone. The most appropriate price range that ABAC students are willing to pay for a mobile phone is between 10001 and 20000 Baht. 38.8% of students intend to purchase iPhone as their next phone. According to our research, it appears that quality is the most important factor influencing student in buying a new mobile phone. Most of our questionnaires, 62.8% were filled out by women. From all the students who responded to our questionnaires, 35% were seniors. Most of our respondents 34.3% have a GPA between 2.51 and 3.00, and 45.5% of respondents study in the faculty of BBA.

After our analysis of the factors influencing purchase intention of iPhone among ABAC students, we can make several assumptions. First of all, purchase intention towards iPhone can be influenced by product perception, value, brand attitude, and security. Secondly, most of ABAC students intend to purchase the iPhone. Moreover, there is a relationship between frequency of change mobile phone and different levels of monthly personal spending. On the other hands, there is no relationship between the frequency of changing mobile phone and...

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