Describe the Conditions and Events That Led to the Establishment of Hollywood

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The conditions and events that led to the establishment of Hollywood as a motion picture production centre

Introduction to Hollywood

Hollywood is a term that is used to represent the cinema of United States. In the early 20th century, the film industry stated to make its existence. Initially the series of photographs captured by still cameras was done. The inventors started working on this technique and then designed equipment which could capture the motion or moving pictures. A lot of experimentation started and then the era of shooting cinema began. With the time, the studios started to develop and hence the Hollywood started growing. After this, the directors and the entire industry of Hollywood started moving outdoors in order to explore new places and location in order to improve their films. With the Griffith’s movie, birth of nations, the cinema saw a completely new phase and got a direction to move ahead.

Motion picture production center

Motion picture films have had a great impact on every creative industry initially in the U.S. and then all over the world. It was in 1922, which kind of held a monopoly not just by being aggressive but also by giving the best facilities and technologies to the film makers. It also was quite intimidating and aggressive towards its competitors and left no stone unturned to knock them out of the market by its blunt business tactics. It is only due to this reason that the Hollywood got its real name and fame. It formulated rules regarding production, distribution as well as codes on sexuality and violence in the film industry.


It is due to these reasons that the Hollywood soon got a synonym and motion picture production center along with a few other big production houses like the major studios, the star system, etc. became the representations of Hollywood.

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