Importance of Technical Writing

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There are three forms of technical writing’s that are used in the corporate

Company’s today. These three things are letter’s r-mails, and user manual’s.

Letters are still used for a Varity of ways to communication information.

An example of a letter being used in a corporate environment is a letter from human resources. Instead of calling after an interview

Some company’s will send a letter to the interviewee instead of calling them.

Letters also will be used to relay message’s current or future projects.

Letters can be used to let a staff member now thay have been either fired or laid off.

E-mail is widely used in the corporate environment to communicate with other employees, customers, or supervisors. E-mails are used to answer questions, set dates, remind people of a business meeting or request an appointment for a meeting. E-mail is also widely used on corporate websites for customers to ask questions and receive answers. E-mail is an important form of communication as it allows employees, companies, and their customers an easy way to communicate back and forth. E-mail communication is widely used within larger companies to relay information.

User Manuals are used when certain steps are required when completing a process. User Manuals can explain steps in greater detail such as putting something together, the steps in which to take when performing preventive maintenance, or what steps needed to be taken when shipping something. User manuals are used in a wide variety of applications and are commonly found in most corporate environments. User Manuals are important as it outlines the steps needed to take to complete whatever process the manual is written about. This helps to ensure that the correct procedures are followed when using company equipment or software. This form of communication also ensures that there is no misunderstanding of what steps are needed to be taken.

My company uses email a lot for everything when I am out doing service calls I...