1612: Synopsis

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Over several class periods we viewed the Russian film, "1612: Chronicles of the Time of Troubles". This film is very insightful to grasp the significance of the time of troubles, and the strife occurring within Russia. However you do have to realize that this can be seen as propaganda being released by Putin’s government to unite the Russian people much like is depicted in the movie. Regardless of these underlying themes there are many instances within the plot that can be discussed, and are important for the teaching of this class’s curriculum.

It can be viewed that the entirety of 1612 is a depiction of the soul of Russia itself. There are several key arguments for this statement. The core example of this is the battle for control of the Russian government, and hence the Russian state and its citizens. After the slaying of Fedor Godunov the Russian state is in crisis. Without an heir to the throne Dimitry the Pretender & the Hetman plan to capitalize on the Russian’s political weakness. Another example of fighting for the soul of Russia is the battle between Orthodoxy and Catholicism. As we’ve seen in the majority of this course’s curriculum Religion plays a major role in contributing to Russian identity and culture. This is seen periodically in the movie regarding Ksenia, and her struggle warding off the Hetman and Lewicki. Also this is emphasized in the scene when Ksenia and Lewicki venture to see the Stylite monk. This interaction eventually transforms Lewicki from Catholicism to Orthodoxy highlighting the supremacy of Russian religion. This sub theme of the movie climaxes at the finale when the Hetman states that Ksenia has renounced Orthodoxy and adopted Catholicism. The mood completely changes, and Ksenia the once tsarina is sentenced to death and is disowned by her own people. This shows the significance of Religion to the Russian Soul. The final theme of 1612 that shows that this is not only a battle against the Polish, but also a battle for the...