Ops 571 Week 4 Production Plan for Riordan Manufacturing

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OPS 571 Week 4 Production Plan for Riordan Manufacturing

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Riordan Production Plan

Companies must manage operations very closely if they want to remain competitive and profitable. Management must evaluate the entire supply chain to make sure there are no gaps in acquiring materials and using resources. The amount of output or capacity a company can produce must be monitored to function at a high level. Companies must look for ways to improve their processes. Lean production is a way to evaluate and improve performance.

Capacity Planning

The capacity planning process provides an approach for determining the entire level of capacity concerning capital-intensive resources (Chase, et al., 2006). Capacity is essential in a company’s role concerning competitive strategy. Every resource, including equipment, facilities, and personnel force, influence strategic capacity planning. Possessing these variables, strategic capacity planning is interchangeable in helping companies adapt to their specific needs.

Supply Chain

Supply chain management is an important aspect in the success of a company. Riordan’s current supply chain process supports the development of standard and custom products. Fan motors and plastic polymers are purchased locally for fan production. Molding of plastic parts and assembly of the fans is done at the plant. Packaging of fans for pickup by customers or shipment of fans to customers is also done at this location.

Sales Forecasting

Riordan schedules fan production based on sales forecasts. For stock production, the company uses sales forecast from averages of the past three years. Because of the fast changes in consumer demand there is a strong likelihood these...