Bangladesh Labor Code - Practice

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Bangladesh Labor Code-2006 on Akota Packaging

Prepared for:

Farhana Khan


Faculty of Business Administration

Eastern University

Prepared by:

Atif Haider 072200033

Matiur Rahman 072200096

Rafiqul Islam 072200120

Ahsanul Habib 072200123

Date of submission: 28.04.2009


28th April, 2009


Farhana Khan



Eastern University


Dear Madam,

Here is a report on implementation of “Bangladesh Labor Code-2006” at Akota Packaging you asked to conduct us last month.

Here you will see a brief discussion about implementation of “Bangladesh Labor Code-2006” at Akota Packaging.

We appreciate having this sort of assignment.

Sincerely yours,

|_________ | |_________ | |_________ | |_________ |

|Atif Haider | |Matiur Rahman | |Md. Rafiqual Islam | |Ahahsanul Habib |


We would like to pay our gratitude to all of the people who helped us a lot for the completion of this assignment before, during, and after the period. At first we would like to acknowledge the Almighty, who helped us every time and was with us and gave us moral support and strength every moment.

Then we would like to express our heartiest gratitude to “Ms. Farhana Khan”, the course instructor of “Business Law”, who introduced us such a Project to do. She has always been among us with her affectionate support and encouragement; we could overcome all the unavoidable obstacles, which occurred occasionally.

We cannot deny that, our course teacher taught how to make the report so wonderfully that it need not take much time to attract our attention towards this subject, which is an obvious part of "Business Studies". Lastly, but not the least, it was a brilliant experience/work for us to be with all.


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