Market Research Project on Ipl and Its Impact on Tv Viewership

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Marketing Research Project

IPL and its impact on TV viewership

in Manipal

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Prof. K. J. Jaims

By Group B

Group B1 Group B2

KrishnakanthA.N. AnubhavKedia Namita Agarwal Rahul Prakash Oswal

Inderniel Shivdasani Priya Ramanathan

Anup Robins Subhasis Biswas

Varun Rajkamal Mittal Shashank Shah

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3

1. Research Objectives: 3

2. Concise Statement of method: 4

3. Summary of Findings 4

Introduction 5

1. Profile of the Manipal: 5

2. Indian Premier League (IPL) 7

Objectives & Constructs 7

Primary Research Objective: To find the change in the TV viewing habits of the professional students and households of Manipal during IPL-3. 7

Sub Objectives: 8

Definition of the Constructs 8

Research Method and Procedures 8

1. Data Collection: The data used for the market research project was primary data collected through a quantitative questionnaire. The questionnaires prepared for households and students were largely the same with differences in a couple of questions. Refer to the Appendix A for the questionnaire. 8

2. Target Population: The professional students and households of Manipal. 9

3. Sampling Frame: 9

4. Sample Size: 9

5. Sampling Method: 9

Data Analysis and Findings 9

1. Data Analysis: 9

a. To find the difference between Household and students based on the viewing hours per day 10

b. To find the difference between Household and students based on the TV viewing during the time of the day 12

c. To find Style of Viewing Television among Students: 12

d. To Compare Style of Viewing Television and IPL Viewing among Students: 13

e. To find Style of Viewing Television among Households: 14

f. To find Style of Viewing Television among Households: 14

g. Content Preferences among Students and...

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