Quantum Teaching

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1.1 Background of the Study

Nowadays, the ability to communicate in English is an important skill for Indonesian. In the last few years, communication among nations has rapidly increased, with growing volume of commerce and education. Automatically, English becomes a basic tool to make relationship with other countries.

Many factors influence speaking subject, as follows: internal factor, like the students' motivation in learning English and external factor, like suitable techniques in teaching learning process. Speaking, as a part of English subject, can not be separated from the other language skills. It contains structure, grammar, vocabulary etc. Sadtono (1983:26-27) says: “The speaking skill is a skill which is more difficult to master than the other skills because it can not be held alone in the process in learning it. It needs partner or partners to practice it. But if someone can master it well, in the sense that he converses freely, it can help in mastering the other skills, listening, reading and writing skills.”

English teachers play an important role in improving student’s English achievement. They have to create appropriate techniques which can facilitate the students to understand the material given easily. Many teachers have forgotten how to teach well according to some experts. In this paper the writer tries to study one of recently popular methods in teaching that is Quantum teaching.

Quantum teaching is introduced as an alternative teaching method. It creates useful interactions between teacher and his student’s by avoiding the difficulties in teaching learning process. To make teaching learning process better than before, quantum teaching offers the teaching techniques like using music, giving color around the class, arranging the suitable material, effective serving and active involving. Quantum teaching technique has been success in USA since 1980....