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MGT 300 – Chapter 1 notes

• Importance of interpersonal skills

• Understanding OB helps determine manager effectiveness

• Technical and quantitative skills are important

• What do managers do

• Management activities

• Make decisions, allocate resources, direct activities of others to attain goals

• Work in an organization

• Management functions -> Plan, Organize, Lead, & Control

• Organizational Behavior

• Field of study that investigates…

• Intuition is often based on inaccurate info

• Faddism is prevalent in mgmt

• Systematic study can be time-consuming

• Psychology – looking at the individual

• Contributes to OB:

• Learning, motivating

• Social psychology – looking at group

• Contributes to OB:

• Behavioral/attitude change

• Sociology – organizational system

• Anthropology – groups -- cultural values

• OB Dependent variables

• productivity - transforming inputs to outputs at lowest cost

• absenteeism - failure to report to work

• turnover - voluntary and involuntary permanent withdrawal from organization

• deviant workplace behavior - voluntary behavior that violates significant organizational norms and thereby threatens the well-being of organization and/or any of its members

• organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) - discretionary behavior that is not part of employees formal job requirements

• Independent variables

• individual - personality, ability, motivation, perception, etc.

• group - communication, group decision making, group structure, etc.

• organization system - organizational structure, human resource policies, etc.

Chapter 2 notes

• ability - an individual's capacity to perform the various tasks in job

⁃ made up of two sets of factors:

⁃ intellectual abilities

⁃ Number aptitude, memory, verbal comprehension, perceptual speed, inductive reasoning, deducting reasoning, spatial visualization

⁃ physical abilities

• biographical characteristics

⁃ age - older...

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