Mass Media Influence

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Mass Media Influence On Young Adults

Aziz Al-Kahatani

ELS Language Centers

Guided Research Skills

Daiva Berzinskas

22 Nov 2010

Mass Media Influence on Young Adults

I. Introduction

Thesis: Mass media was designed to reach a large audience and affect how they think and behave. Media has a strong social and cultural impact upon society, especially on young adults. Mass media influence has grown largely with the advancement of technology.

II. Advertisement

A. Unhealthy food choices

1. McDonalds

2. Burger King

B. Celebrity influences

1. Cigarettes & Tobacco

2. Alcohol

III. TV Shows

A. Bad examples

1. Simpsons

2. Family Guy

B. Children behaving in a bad way at a young age

C. Learning Bad Language

IV. Computer Games

A. Grand Theft Auto

1. Affecting the way children behave on our streets

2. Stealing cars and committing crimes

V. Conclusion

Mass Media Influence On Young Adults

Mass media makes billions of dollars with the advertising they sell to young adults. Mass media was designed to reach a large audience and affects how people think and how they behave. Media, particularly in advertising, has left a negative impact on today's youth. Media has strong social and cultural implications upon society, especially on young adults. Society should be more careful about what media is accessible to young adults in order to avert negative influences, which could result in poor behavior.

Mass media influence has grown largely with the advancement of technology. Mass media includes: television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and books. It also includes Internet media such as: blogs, message boards, pod casts and video sharing. Today, powerful media influences all members of society both directly and indirectly. People cannot live without mass media, and with the help of technology, it’s becoming easier and easier to be influenced by mass media. Media marketing specialists should keep this...

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