English Speech

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English Speech

Adrian- hey Chan, u ready to write this English thing?

Aaron-yeah I guess so, we gotta talk about individuals and conformists, and why they either conform or become individuals.

Adrian-yeah that pretty much it, but we have to use examples

Aaron- like shawshank, and that animal thing?

Adrian-Animal farm?

Aaron- yeah that the one.

Aaron- what exactly are we gonna say though

Adrian- We will start off with Andy, from shawshank. Ok?

Aaron- Yeah that’s cool

Adrian- Ok, on the outside, he is straight as an arrow, conformed to everything, his work and his life, however, on the inside, he became an individual. He spoke out of turn on the roof of the licence plate factory, he was a pest to the senate, he became crook when he did the books for the warden dirty schemes.

Aaron-Oh yeah, and Even when he escaped the prison, and sent incriminating evidence to the local paper which got Captain Byron Hadley locked up, and drove the warden to kill himself. Being forced to conform made him an individual, as red says, “Some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright”

Adrian- ok, we understand how he conformed, but we gotta say how?

Aaron- well the reason he conformed on the outside, was because of his own nature. That just how he was, he never seemed exciting or anything, so much so, he drove his wife away.

Adrian- yeah, and I think the reason he did the opposite in prison, is because he saw it as a new life, an opportunity for self correction. That’s why he spoke out on that roof, and asked the captain, if he thinks he wife would ever “ham string him”. I think he felt that he had to become an individual, so he could better himself, and by doing that, giving himself hope.

Aaron- well we know why Andy conformed outside of prison and became an individual inside of prison, we should discuss why Red was a conformist, and in one scene an individual.

Adrian- reds character holds two positions, narrating and also the voice of reason....

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