10 Must Ask Questions

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Ten must-ask job interview questions


From Monday's Globe and Mail

Posted on Monday, January 3, 2011 9:29AM EST




Weaker candidates have a tendency to generalize their experience, not being able to draw out specifically what they learned in a given situation, or why. Stronger candidates tend to be much more specific.

Learning experiences

Weaker candidates have difficulty explaining what they learned when the interviewer probes deeper. They tend toward extremes in their answers - either routine, expected answers or exaggerated ones. Stronger candidates are more open about their weaknesses and mistakes.

Long view

Weaker candidates have a simpler view of people and their jobs. Stronger candidates describe situations and events with more significant depth of analysis.

The why

Weaker candidates tend to focus more on "what" happened and less on "why" it occurred. They have difficulty expressing whether any learning took place after an incident and what that learning was. Stronger candidates consider the "why" more than the "what" and are not hesitant to explain what they learned and what they would do differently in future.

Focus of interest

Weaker candidates are more focused on the incidentals of the job - the chance of promotion, for example, or the fringe benefits. Stronger candidates are more interested in the content of the job and their future in it.

Ability to analyze

Weaker candidates are able to analyze failure, but they are more reluctant to acknowledge their role in it. Stronger candidates are able to analyze failure and success - and acknowledge their role in...

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