Bayaning 3rd World

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The movie makes history interesting for people. The screenplay is astounding and contains that sort of witty comedy that interests viewers. Cinematography was also great. Ricky Davao's acting as a disgruntled director in search for a film inspiration nails it. Not too cold yet not too exaggerated, a fault that most Filipino actors think is something to get ahead in the film industry! The movie however suffers from long running time. Viewers may just sleep off the extra minutes, and some may find the movie too comedic that it suddenly starts to lose sense and substance. However, the latter did not happen. This is definitely a good example of movies with a progressing storyline, keeping the viewer waiting for the best parts. Quirky, comedic and catchy-- Bayaning 3rd world has a good edge among other films of its generation and is thus a good diversion from those dusty-musty romantic movies that are being lobbied all the time

Bayaning Third World: A Reaction Paper by Russel S. Pernites

“A man may die but his ideas and thoughts forever live and remain indelible imprints of time”.

Bayaning Third World is a movie within a movie. It revolves around the story of two film makers trying to re-make the life story of Jose P. Rizal. It tried to capture the cinematic moments of the Philippines' National Hero-- Dr. Jose P. Rizal. They investigated upon the reasons why some people worshipped him to the point of idolatry and why his works are supported by the government yet censored by the church. A quest into the reason of the national heroes influence which permeates into the Philippine social set up. It was basically a travel to the past, history was deconstructed for the movie presented a different persona out of Rizal and out of the significant people around him. Contrary to the movies which immortalized the hero in the silver screen, this movie sought questions which were never and will never be answered. The sort of questions where the answers were also buried six...

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