Standards of Evaluation

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Assignment expectations:

Write a 2-3 page paper comparing and contrasting our system of health care delivery to that of our neighbor to the north. Be sure to discuss all four standards:

* Access

* Cost

* Quality

* Continuity

Just a few decades ago, the United States and Canada were equal in the delivery of health care, but it wasn't until 1968 that Canada reformed their delivery and standards. The Canadian government pays more than 70% into health care than the United States at 46%. While the United States has multiple insurers with different levels of care to choose from, Canada's primary source of health care is Medicare based insurance. Canadians are not forced into having government funded insurance, there is about 30% of the Canadian population paying for their own private insurance. With the United States ranging from 16.7% of Americans who were uninsured, and roughly 84% who were insured through their employer, spouse's employer, or parents employer (59%), purchased individually (8%), or provided by government programs (27%).(Wikipedia, 2010)

Whether it is location or time, accessibility is one of the primary considerations in determining the effectiveness of health care in both the United States and Canada. Even though both countries insurances are different, they both are similar as far as accessibility goes. For urgent care or medical emergencies, patients are treated right away regardless of their financial or health insurance status. (Wikipedia, 2010).

Where the accessibility differs between the two countries is that Canada's health care guarantees

their whole country health care coverage and service by their federal government providing most of the funding for such services. One of the main issues that Canadian's are having is a primary care doctor, which can be inconsistent with continuity of care received. For insured Americans, they have the option of choosing between providers, and continue treatment with that...