Human Behavior

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Mackenzie D. Santos

Human Behavior in Organization

Case #1

1. Comment on the positive and negative events in this case as they relate to organizational behavior.

* The positive event in this case is that Jose Galvez was recognized for his twenty year of service with an excellent record with the company. The negative event in this case is that he would be transfer to Cebu which is out of his comfort zone, his unfamiliar with the territory and he have to adjust to another environment because he is been working in Manila for twenty years so this is a shock for him.

2. Was a human resources approach to Jose Galvez applied in this instance? Discuss.

* Human resource approach was applied to Jose Galvez when he was given the twenty-year service pin for recognition for his long service in the company with excellent record. The company has active support in his performance.

3. If you were the general or regional manager how would you go about the whole situation?

* If I were the general or regional manager, I would give Jose Galvez extra income or benefits along with the twenty-year service pin for having an excellent record so that He will be satisfy with his transfer from Manila to Cebu.

Case #2

1. Discuss the model of organizational behavior Marco Duran used and the kind of organizational climate he created.

- The model of organizational behavior Marco Duran used is autocratic model wherein he let his authority carry out his decision. He cuts the budget of all departments to 5%, instructed all the department to increase production 10%, dismissed 3 supervisors who failed to meet the production quotas and kept closed watched to the operation.

2. Discuss why productivity dropped when Mr. Duran left the Visayas plant.

- Productivity dropped when Mr. Duran left the Visayas plant because all the employees under him became dependent on his decision so that’s why there is no growth and development in the employees work performance.

3. If you...

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