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Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing


Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing

The team will create a proposal package for Riordan electric fans manufacturing that includes material requirements planning (MRP). The team will also explain how to incorporate the new process design and how implementing the supply chain process will help all parties involved fulfill customer’s request directly and indirectly. Forecasting is another tool to help management handle uncertainties of future productions based on experience, judgment, and knowledge ("forecasting," 2010). The proposal will include the steps to follow to create a forecast, implement a design chart and a sample Gantt chart of the process. A Gantt chart is a bar chart showing the schedule and the completed work within a given time. In project planning charts are important because, it shows the beginning and the end of the project, predecessor-successor relationships, slack time, and critical-non-critical activities ("Gantt Chart," 2010). Finally the definition of Total quality management (TQM) and coordinate aggregate operations planning will be presented to Riordan Manufacturing.

Material requirements planning

Riordan Manufacturing produces and completes a line of electric fans installed by automotive parts manufacturers, and regular customers. In addition to completing the fans, some subassemblies are sold separately for repair or changeovers. As a result the company uses MRP system that permitting the company approach problems, to determine the electric motors, plastic fan blades, plastic fan housing, and materials needed to produce each fan. MRP proves the schedule specifying when each of the parts needs ordering for production; to maintain low inventory levels. The objective of MR P is to control inventory levels, allocate operating priorities for items, and plan capacity to fill the production system (Irwin, 2006).

Periodic orders make it difficult...