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Kraft Foods

I chose a company that most of us have contact with on some basis, Kraft foods. I was amazed during my research how many products Kraft actually produces and how far their reach extends in the product world.

Executive Summary

Kraft is the largest branded food and beverage company in North America and the second largest in the world, it operates in more than 150 countries worldwide (Kraft, 2008). Kraft Foods markets the world's favorite food and beverage brands in five product sectors namely the snacks, beverages, cheese and dairy, grocery and convenient meals (Kraft, 2008). They also have 35 major brands with more than 100 years of remarkable achievements in products such as Oscar Mayer meats, Maxwell House coffee, Jell-O gelatin, and Cadbury (Kraft, 2008). Kraft is always looking for way to continue making historic records with the launch of different new products designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumer.

Company Background

Kraft Foods Inc. is the largest food company in the United States and holds the number two position worldwide, behind Nestlé S.A. The firm has two main operating units, Kraft Foods North America and Kraft Foods International. Seven of Kraft's brands bring in more than $1 billion in revenues each year, like Kraft cheeses and other products ($4.3 billion in 2000 revenue), Nabisco cookies and crackers ($3.5 billion), Oscar Mayer processed meats (number one in the United States), Post cereals (number three in the United States), Maxwell House coffee and Philadelphia cream cheeses (number one in western Europe) (Company, 2010). Also, more than 60 other company brands generate annual revenue in excess of $100 million, including A.1. steak sauce, Altoids candy, Balance energy bars, Cheez Whiz process cheese sauce, Cool Whip whipped toppings, DiGiorno pizza, Gevalia coffee, Jell-O desserts, Kool-Aid drink mix, Life Savers candy, Miracle Whip dressing, Oreo cookies, Planters nuts, Ritz crackers,...

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