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you were a Great Plain Indian living in dwelling place called a tipi how would you feel. You would probably feel the presence of the first few centuries. You would feel the fire in middle of the tipi. You would smell the sewn buffalo covering the tipi. You would feel those beds they made over days and days. Fine dwelling huh? (Not as fine as we have right now). Lets see what their actually made out of. For sure their not made out of bricks and other materials like that.

The tipi includes smoke flaps, multiple poles, and a detachable cover over the tipi. The cover is made from sewn buffalo skin. The door or canvas is also made from buffalo skin. When the tipi is completed they simply decorate with porcupine quills or horn and many other materials such as tail and buffalo hair. They decorate depending on battles. If they see dreams or visions they also paint those. They also paint animals. In the middle of the tepee there is usually a fire and above are the smoke flaps for the smoke to leave the tipi. The fire is used for cooking and heating

You can make your own model tipi. Make a cone shape out of cardboard. Then make a hole for the door. For the hole you can make the hole only cutting the bottom edge so you can move it up and down. On the top take slim pieces of wood and stick them inside. Inside the tipi you can put small stuff like mini beds or draw the color red for the fire. Glue the tipi on cardboard so it’s on a platform. And there you have your own model tipi.

One very intellectual idea the Indians made is the tripod. The tripod I mean is not the camera tripod. The Indian tripod simply transforms the tipi into a transportable tipi. They transport to place to place. Tips are very fine and nice dwellings. They are not as comfy but good enough. Tribes use these many times and still are being built and selling. You can buy one for camping or living in one. You can also make your own tipi.