Aims of Law

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Aims of Law

Aims of Law

Ashley Leffew

January 16, 2010

Abortion is when a woman is pregnant with a child, and decides she doesn’t want to keep it and decides to terminate the pregnancy by this procedure. The Embryo inside of the uterus is removed surgically, causing the death of the fetus. If the abortion happens spontaneously, then the term is called a miscarriage. While the health risks are low for women that have them, the deaths per year are 70,000 for unsafe abortions performed. 42 million abortions are done a year with half of them done in an unsafe environment, however at least 40 percent have successful elective and therapeutic abortions within thrie term limits. Surgical abortions are done within the first 12 weeks of females genistastion performed with a vacuum, suction method. This is the most common aspiration of abortion consisting of the removal of the embryo, membranes, fetus with a syringe that can be manually performed. My argument is totally against abortions. I believe once the life is conceived, it is considered a human life in which should be valued and not disregarded. The actually decision to do so is an act of defiance by the female, usually minors with no experiences with life themselves, who probably has no support, and feels she has no options. From the Aims of Law viewpoint, no human is allowed to intentionally allow having no regard to human life and just taking it with no repercussions. There will be prison sentences given out, if everyone just started killing one another, and no different for abortion. There should be no reason for a female to come to these terms in their heads, not with over one-million families desiring to adopt a child, because they can’t bear them, or just want to love children. The health risks are increased inflammatory diseases, and a high risk for miscarriages for future pregnancies. Abortions are not contraception forms, however should be used by females who want some...