Ethical Simulation

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Ethics Game Simulation Journal

Nicole G. Rivera


Fredrick Labib-Wood

University of Phoenix

January 18, 2010

Ethics Game Simulation

In the Ethics Game Simulation, I analyze two ethical situations, which involve a case of fair warning and a case of stringent standards. In these two cases, the stakeholders include the staff of G-Biosport such as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), operations director, quality control manager, director of public relations, shareholders of the company, and the consumers of the company. These are the groups of people who are directly influenced by any business decision or changes made in the company. Before making these decisions one had to go through four different lenses and steps of the critical decision making process. These lenses included the Rights and Responsibility lens, the Results lens, the Relationship lens, and the Reputation lens. After thoroughly going through each lens, one was able to make decisions based on virtues, values, and morals.

The first case addressed the contaminated ingredients used in a majority of G-Biosport products. G-Biosport was not required to meet prior approval with the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) before they sell it to customers. As quality control manager, I must identify the correct decision to keep all stakeholders involved happy. The question at hand is to warn and what information to provide to consumers about the contamination or should we recall all the products that have the contamination knowing that it can cause a huge loss to the company. There are two ways to look at the situation, from a utilitarian view and deontological view. From the utilitarian view, company will be to collect back all the bad goods and replace them with good one. From the deontologist view, it is truly unacceptable to lie or hide the truth. Inform the customers about the risks which they are exposed to. The best decision was to recall the...