Plans of Action

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Plans of Action

Prepared by: Jemille Lim, EB Aspirant

February 11, 2011

Proposal number 1

Overall Objective for The Lasallian

To further increase the readership of the publications’ feature section.

Overall Objective for the Editorial Board

To continue the things that the past editorial board did, which benefited the publications and learn from their mistakes.


-Consult senior correspondents before doing an action. Seek help if needed but be firm with decisions.

-Double check duties and make sure that plans are carried out according to schedule.

Overall Objective for Menagerie

To meet deadlines faster but with quality articles to give time to the layout process.

Sub Objective #1

To create good working relationships of staffers with their editor and among themselves.


-Staffers are required to update the Menagerie directory via Google Docs that will be shared to the whole team. There is no more excuse not to know how to contact one another upon article assignments.

-Update and improve the yahoo groups of Menagerie.

-Introduce to staffers Google Docs, a document can be shared to their editors and fellow writers and writing articles will be in real time. Comments can be posted at once as well.

-New/old writers should meet their editor at least five times in their stay in the publication. Some writers don't even know who their editor is.

-Staffers are required to attend storyboard meetings to communicate with each other. Face to face communication is still the first step in establishing working relationships with fellow writers.

-Set up teambuilding activities for the whole team.

Sub Objective #2

To improve the writing styles of the staffers.


-Require members to attend at least one workshop a month.

-Give out weekly assignments to hasten their skills.

Sub Objective #3

To encourage staffers to perform better.


-Give merits to those who submit...