How Social Networking Sites Affect the Writting Skills

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Writing skills had always played an important role in every field. It is said that clear writing clearly explains person’s thoughts and knowledge. A person learns how to write starting from their kinder garden, and then when they come in their grade schools and secondary schools they are given true knowledge of grammar. So yes I do believe that grade schools and secondary schools do prepare students for writing courses at post secondary level. Schools have special language courses being thought in which, students are taught are to communicate better also there are often essay writing competitions and many other writing competition that highlights students writing skills.

This is an era of social networking, everyone are surrounded by networking sites like facebook, twitter, orkut, ibeebo etc. These all sites are the new sources of communication which enables the people to find more friends and enjoy talking and chatting with them. Although these sites had served many advantages like creating social groups, bringing world together it also has contributed to the biggest disadvantage of using text language. People are so much found of text language that even in their business and academic studies they unknowingly use this language. For example students often use “R” to express “are”, “because” is written as “b’cos”, and many other words are used in their short forms. So excessive use of social networking site has also impacted one’s ability to write and express oneself. The text language had made people and specially students, lazy to write in full form and this in turn is affecting their academic career.

E-mails and texting language do affect everyone’s writing skills, once people get fond of writing in short form they find it too difficult to write it full. I personally feel that I need to be more alert while writing, because I often use short terms in networking sites so while my academic writing. It do sometimes happen like if I am in rush I will use text...