Yellowtail Marine

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Yellowtail Marine
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DATE: February 10, 2011

TO: Staff at Yellowtail Marine, Inc.

FROM: Robyn Gilcrist, Chief Operating Executive

SUBJECT: Proposal for a more “green” Yellowtail Marine, Inc.


This memorandum has been established to inform members that the Charles Boswell, President of Yellowtail Marine, Inc. has recently hired a new Chief Operating Executive. I would like to have this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Robyn Gilcrist, and I will be the new COE at Yellowtail Marine. With my extensive marketing experience in the water sports industry, I am confident that I will be of great assistance to bring fresh ideas into this company in allowing it to become a more market-oriented one. Given the recent decrease in sales from over $10 million in 1973 to about $8.4 million in 1975, the timing of a new President could not be better.

Yellowtail Marine, Inc. is very well known for its water sports entertainment. We are putting on shows for our valued consumers and selling quality boating equipment. As you are already aware that we are being heavily inspected by the Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Occupational Safety and Safety Administration since large amounts of chemicals and cyanide were found near our plant. This is a critical reason why we are doing so poorly. I have come up with a strategic plan for Yellowtail to stimulate innovation and change. Victory will go to our organization that maintains their flexibility, continues to improve their quality, and beats their competition in the boating industry by constantly providing innovated products.

I propose that we should implement the following strategies:

1. The addition of new lower priced products to meet consumer demands.

2. Marketing to customers of competitors to increase dealers.

3. Reduce manufacturing cost to increase profits.

4. Becoming a more “green” company by reducing chemical waste.


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