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Chapter 1

Scope and Delimitations

This term paper was made by the use of library materials and by the use of websites that Sheilo Marie Alday Bacar, Thally Ampon and Kristel Joy Alvarez have visited like google, wikepedia and they also use a website dictionary to search the different information and data on migration.

The researchers have limited this study on the following topics like:

* The migration problem of the Philippines

* The most seasons why Filipino migrates and

* Who migrates and where

Chapter 1

Definition of Terms

Abound (Webster – English Dictionary) to be plentiful

Anguish (Webster – English Dictionary) very great pain or grief

Citizens (Webster – English Dictionary) Filipino Citizens

Destination (Webster – English Dictionary) place where one is bond for

Diversity (internet) the state or fact being diverse; difference unlikeness

Domestic (Webster – English Dictionary) tame

Drought (internet) a long period of abnormally low rainfall, especially one that adversely affects growing or living conditions

Dynamic (internet) relating to energy or to objects in motions

Economics (internet) is the social science that analyzes the production distribution and consumption of goods and services

Edged (Webster – English Dictionary) sharp cutting part of a tool; margin

Embark (internet) to cause to abroad and vessel on aircraft; go on abroad

Emerged (Webster – English Dictionary) to come out

Entrenched (Webster – English Dictionary) to surround with a trench; fortify with trenches

Famine (internet) s swere shortage of food, as through crop failure or over population

Frustrations (Webster – English Dictionary) check; defeat; disappointed

Immigration (internet) is the act of moving to on setting in another country on region, temporarily or permanently

Lab our (Webster – English Dictionary) to work or toil

Migration (Webster – English Dictionary) the movement of people from one place to another. The term in migration and...