10t Kfcrane Tower Crane,5t Tower Crane,High Quality Tower Crane China Manufacturer Offered by Kf Crane

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High quality tower crane china manufacturer offered by KF crane with 36m jib length, 3ton load capacity, Max. Height reaches 105.5m. Design and manufacture according to national standard. With stable quality and excellent performance.

There are many other models tower crane, please contact us if any inquiry or demand.

High quality tower crane china manufacturer offered by KF crane advantages:

1, The topless tower crane reduce the dismounting requirements, lower weight, low mounting height, dismount each mast at a time in the air, save the labor cost, safety and fast.

2, It is suitable for crossover work of the cranes, without the tower cap and pull rod, the safety will be increased when there need the crossover work.

3, It is suitable for the special requirement about the height, such as airport nearby, tunnel, workshop, and the construction site with high-tension cable.

4, It is suitable for the construction site that has the requirement about the crane boom, it can be used as internal climbing crane in the high-rise buildings, irregular roof or small areas.

5, It is very convenient for dismounting in the restricted construction site, dismount each crane boom at a time by manual.

6, The steel structure of crane boom has long using life and high safety standard.

7, The crane boom is good applicability, high-usage, the design of the topless tower crane boom is easy for realizing the serialization and standardization. Reduce the design and making cost.

8, Low design cost, short cycle, can much better satisfy the multiple demands of the customers.

KF crane can provide the excellent service for you:

1,We can provide OEM service and design lable for you

2,We can pack the goods according to your requirement

3,We test the quality of all products before delivery

4,We guarantee our reply in 24 hours of working day

5,We can communicate with you in different languages

6,High quality, best price, punctual shipment, good after-sale service will be...

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