Management and Leadership of Rick Wagoner

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Discuss the management and leadership issues facing Rick Wagoner, the CEO of GM.

The management and leadership issues that are facing Rick Wagoner is the company is facing bankruptcy and this in turn is having an effect the employees by messing with the healthcare benefits and every aspect of the business that concerns the people.

Discuss whether or not GM’s challenges are surmountable, or is this the beginning of a long decline for the company.

I truly believe that every company can come back after things have happen in it. I do believe that it will take a lot of hard work in order for this to happen. Also by this being an American company I do believe that the American people will try there best to keep this company alive in every aspect possible.

What actions should Wagoner take to try to get his company back on track?

I think the actions Wagoner should take to try to get his company back on track should be first to improve the company’s image. Also they are creating more cars with that are hybrid and electric instead of gas guzzlers. This is another area that the consumers will look at concerning purchasing these vehicles in the future. They want to know that they will not have to spend extra money on gas because of the size of car they are driving in.

Discuss the government bailout of GM and its perception with consumers.

After GM’s recent bankruptcy, how can the company gain support from its customers?