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“Happiness starts when your habit of minding the business of others stops.”

As a human being, we ought to look for the things that could lead us to life’s fulfillment which is happiness. I choose the topic of happiness because it really is the whole reason why we have Existentialism. If we will look at the definition of happiness in the lives of all human beings, its meaning will be different from every person. For some, their happiness is money, fame, power and etc. Others will say it is family and friends. For students, it might be having a degree in your career. But what could really make humans happy? Is it really possible to achieve Absolute Happiness in life? If so, how?

It is mentioned on the first paragraph that for some, happiness is money, fame, power and influence, or being a degree holder. Those factors can really give happiness to man, but only temporary. It cannot give you absolute happiness. Here is a proof. Actors and singers, look at them. They have money, fame, power and influence. They are surrounded with fans and friends. But still some of them are not happy. I have watched not only two or three news that a lot of Korean and Japanese famous personalities ended up in a suicide. Main reason of suicide is that they are not happy in life. In short, loneliness.

Let’s talk about the quotation above. What does this quotation means? What is the happiness that is being mentioned in the quotation? Why is it that we need to stop on looking on other people’s lives in order to have happiness? The happiness that is being mentioned in the quotation above is absolute happiness or a happiness that is not temporary. Later on, you will be able to find how to have that absolute happiness in life.

Humans naturally have the habit of looking or observing the lives of other people. And that habit can cause the hindrance to happiness. We know that man’s desires are uncountable. Men are naturally discontented beings. The eye of man is...