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International Pharmaceuticals Incorporated

I. Introduction

Name and Address of Business

Company International Pharmaceuticals Incorporated

 Address Juan Luna Ave., Mabolo Cebu City Cebu 6000 Philippines  

Name and Address of Principal

Marianela Altamirano, Ph.D. 1159 Balboa AnconPanama City, Panama

Geoffrey Anderson, Ph.D. 9001 Arbor Street,

Charles Ashbach, Ph.D. 8200 Flourtown Ave Suite 1-C Wyndmoor,

Edna Bohannon, Ph.D., MFT5299 College Avenue, Suite 6 Oakland

Norma J Caruso, Ph.D. 2803 McRae Road, Suite 3B Richmond,

Sue Cebulko, Ph.D. Indianapolis In 46280

Anabella de Brostella, Ph.D. (c) Panama Rep. of Panama

Bonnie Eisenberg, Ph.D. 3514 Glenmoor Drive Chevy

Chase, 5480 Wisconsin

Avenue, Suite LL7

Nature of Business

Founded in May 1959, International Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IPI) had its humble beginnings with only one product - Efficascent Oil. But for a company with the guiding philosophy of researching and developing high quality and affordable products along standards of world excellence, such success is inevitable.

Currently, IPI is the leading manufacturer and distributor of a diversified range of pharmaceutical and health care products which include liniments, antiseptics, herbal food and beverages as well as cosmetics, toiletries and medical devices.

IPI is based in Cebu City with a network of branches strategically located all over the Philippines. In Metro Manila, their branch is in Las Piñas City while the rest of Luzon sites are at Dagupan City, Villasis, Naga City, Camarines Sur, Tuguegarao City and Cagayan Valley. The other branches are in the cities of Butuan, Cagayan de...