Political Change: Bhutan

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Between India and China, two highly innovative Asian countries, lies a large, isolated Bhudist country respectively named Bhutan. Politically jammed in the middle ages, Bhutan has been representing a collectivist monarchy as their form of government. For years and years, Bhutan has been taking small steps towards reforming an up to date, 20th century democratized stable government. Since the early 1900's, Bhutan's kings-throne has been passed down by the pure luck of birth and not by the honoring of a selected individuals entitlement to be leader voted in by the people. To put the future of a country into the hands of a family member would not be in the best interest of Bhutan in the long-run. Disastrous economic and political events would occur within time.

Being one of the most traditional, isolated nations, modernization to the culture has recently been exposed. Bhutan has just recently introduced developments such as international airlines, the Internet, cell phone networks, and the commendable cable television. Banning such networks as MTV and Pro Wrestling, television has been a valuable source to educate the Bhutanese. Infact, the literacy rate has grown Bhutan has always had a traditionally rich culture, conserving its old world charm. In many countries, and some surrounding countries, democracy had failed which lead to major changes and the feeling of strife among the countries inhabitants. Though striving to establish a Democratic government, the move is not fully supported by the people. Bhutanese people have been apprehensive towards the move; the reason is for lacking a strong state of Democracy in South Asia. Being one of the most "happiest" nations on the planet, Bhutan has adored the popular ruling of a king, and why move away from that when Bhutanese people are so content?

Despite being skeptical to what democracy might bring, Bhutan engaged in their first election in 2008. This was the first time the Bhutanese were able to elect members to a...

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