Decision in Paradise

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Decisions in Paradise

Omar Rochell


October 11, 2010

Joshua Lafever

Decision in Paradise

An organization that values ethics and leadership are important. Organizational structures process a very effective and efficient quality to all aspects of the organization. Kava is a country that has a big impact on our organization. The organization of Kroger will develop a plan that will show how great of presence it has on the country of Kava. Developing organizational processes, human resource and ethics are important to developing a great organizational presence. As an organization the issues will be define to help with making decision on the impact and presence of Kava. Also all decision that involved in formulation of the problem will be discuss to help with decision making. With a country having such disaster such as Kava it is important to use techniques and tools to help with obstacles that may arise. Various key stakeholders will be considered and impacted in all decisions that are made. Applying Critical thinking skills in the decision-making process will be needed to help impact and developed a greater presence on Kava. “Planning is an important aspect in decision-making because it helps an organization such as Kroger provide guidelines and goals to make efficient and effective decisions (2004).”

Developing an impact and better presence on the Country of Kava has become an issue for the organization. It has a potential risk to become a failure because of the disasters that hit the country of Kava and the location of the organization. It is important that the organization start by analyzing the situation regarding all the disasters that has happen. The organization should ask the question will the organization be able to bring a better presence without issues to the organizations. The country has many disaster threats that can cause harm such as tornadoes, floods, fires, virus, and others. With there being so many...