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Assignment #2 – Case: “Allstate Insurance Company”

Leadership and Organizational Behavior-BUS 520

Using the model for goal setting, evaluate Allstate’s goal setting process to determine whether or not Allstate has an effective goal-setting program.

Goal setting is based on four motivational aspects: 1.Goals direct attention meaning that the employee’s attention is focused on what’s relevant and important. 2. Goals regulate effort which motivates us to act. Goals increase persistence which is the effort expanded on a task over an extended period of time. Goals foster strategies and action programs which encourages people to develop strategies and actions to achieve their goals (Hellriegel/Slocum, 2011). Allstate Insurance Company does an excellent job of goal setting. They allow their employees to develop skills necessary for their advancement through education, coaching, mentoring, and classroom training. This is a broad range of ways an employee can enhance their career. What works for one employee may not work for another so offering several different ways of career enhancement allows more individuals to take part in their own success.

Allstate also assists their employees with balance work and personal life. This will allow employees to truly appreciate the company they work for and will aid them in wanting to be an asset to the company instead of a hindrance. They offer onsite child-care at its headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois, parent discounts at three nearby child-care centers, onsite dry-cleaning, oil change, postal, catering, and flex time.

Discuss the competitive advantage Allstate has from the development of the Diversity Index.

Twice a year Allstate take a snapshot of all 36,000 employees using a survey called the Diversity Index. It asks the following questions: 1. To what extent does our company deliver quality service to customers regardless of their ethnic background, gender, age, and so on? 2. To what extent are you...