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Fame adlabs


Movies, Trailers, Premieres and more – Fame is a place of constant innovation.

Fame (I) Ltd (formerly Shringar Cinemas Ltd) is a company dealing with Distribution, Exhibition, Multiplexes and Negative rights. It has been instrumental in bringing the highest quality of entertainment to Indian audience with over 28 years of experience in distribution and over five years experience in exhibition of films.

First Multiplex was launched in Andheri (W) – Fame Adlabs and till date we have 25 multiplex across India. Currently, we operate 93 screens and 26269 seats across 12 cities in India with presence in states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Karnataka. We expect to roll out at least 9 screens further in the year 2009-10

The brand Fame (I) Ltd has stood for ethical, fair practices and transparent dealing over the last several decades. This is the core strength on which all our businesses are built.

Entertainment an Experience - Fame Cinemas constantly endeavors to bring in the highest quality of entertainment to Mumbai’s film going audience. Fame has transformed the experience of movie lovers into a pleasant, very user-friendly and delightful experience. Given the commitment to the quality of service & films being screened, there is little wonder then that, Fame has a burgeoning set of loyal customers who love getting pampered here.

Our mission is to offer a world class viewing experience to the consumer through a chain of Multiplexes.

The years between 2002 and 2009 witnessed what may have been the most significant transformation in Indian film industry through Fame (I) Ltd.

We benchmark ourselves with global multiplexes, and strive to enhance our service offering in line with the emerging trends globally. To provide exceptional consumer experience, we have introduced the ‘Gold Class’ screens which feature natural leather recliners, where each recliner stretches...

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