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Putting her dream of being a journalist on hold, Andrea Sachs is the successful candidate for the position of second assistant to Miranda Priestly, the demanding editor-in-chief of Runway magazine. The top fashion magazine Runway owes its ongoing success to Miranda, an authoritarian, hands-on leader who is respected in the fashion world, yet feared by her employees. She is cold, demanding and tough; despite fostering an organizational culture that leaves no room for failure, she succeeds in motivating her employees and consistently keeps Runway in its number one position. As a new employee of Runway, Andrea slowly adopts the culture of the organization and experiences the process of self-actualization as she comes to understand her inner motivations and recognizes the differences between her values and ethics and Miranda’s style of leadership.


The forerunners of industry push forward through the unpredictable tempests they encounter. However, to weather these storms such iconic organizations must be led by individuals who remain resolute in their vision for the organization. Miranda Priestly has constructed a concrete vision for Runway magazine that stems from her leadership characteristics, behaviors and style.

Miranda possesses many personality characteristics that indicate an effective and robust leadership style as described by the Big Five Personality Model (Text, p. 414). Miranda’s leadership traits consist of a heightened level of extraversion, conscientiousness and emotional stability. This emotional stability is best exemplified during her trip to Paris. After the realization of another disheartening divorce, Miranda pushes past her emotional state and strategically avoids her impending dismissal. The combination of Miranda’s leadership traits and motivational drive has allowed her to develop an authoritarian, yet charismatic leadership style that is committed to excellent performance. She

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