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Restaurant cooking versus home cooking

Throughout human history, food has been the major element of our survivals. To meet the need for better and more nutritious food, plants and domesticated animals have been genetically bred to produce sufficient energy for our daily activities. However, as the forms and qualities of our food changed, the way we cooked also changed. After hundreds of years of evolving, home cooking and restaurant cooking, which originated from a same need, survival, have their own characteristics that are similar or different from each other.

The first difference is the safety and qualities of the food made by either home cooking or restaurant cooking. The whole purpose of home cooking is to entertain and bring joy to family or visitors. For that reason, home cooking’s process is taken step by step with precautions, for those foods will be served to the one you care. In addition, the qualities and texture of ingredients are attentively selected so that the final product is as best as it could be. However, unlike home cooking, restaurant cooking is more involved in financial intention: to make profit. As the result, restaurant owners seek opportunities to purchase the cheapest ingredients as they can, and usually cheap ingredients come with bad qualities. Moreover, in certain days that businesses are busy, food will be made quickly to satisfy large number of hungry customers. Therefore, in the midst of the hardworking atmosphere, confusion in the process of making food is inevitable. A comprehensive study by food inspectors has indicated a large number of unwanted chemicals mixed up inside food, especially in busy days.

Another contrast between those two types of cooking is that restaurant cooking is more convenient than home cooking. With a fine chief and plenty of employees, restaurants can construct a mediocre food in a very short time. And time is extremely precious to people because they can manipulate it to something more useful and...