First They Killed My Father

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Loung and her family lives in Phnom Penh, and they are considered middle class. They live on the 3rd floor in the apartment, and have three vehicles, and a phone, which most families don’t have.

Ma- She is half Cambodian half Chinese. She is very tall compared to most Cambodian’s. She is very beautiful. She is a strict parent. Comes from a pretty well off family.

Pa- Has a very generous heart. He is shorter than Ma. Teddy Bear like. Part Cambodian, part Chinese. He once had a gambling problem. Very kind to Loung, he is not a strict parent.

Loung- Second youngest in the family. She is 5 when the book starts. She is very “ugly” in the Cambodian terms. Her mom says she is not ladylike because she is always squirming around, and doesn’t walk like a lady should.

Meng- Oldest brother, 18 when the book starts. Like Pa, very soft spoken, very responsible, very smart. Valedictorian of class. Has a girlfriend.

Khouy- 16. More interested in girls and karate than girls. He is the brother to fear. Loves his motorcycle. Responsible for discipling the little ones. The younger ones fear him.

Keav- Oldest girl. She is 14. Very beautiful already. Has the misfortunate of speaking gossip and arguing.

Kim- 10 year old brother. Nicknamed “the little monkey” because he is small, agile, and quick. Loves martial arts movies.

Chou- She is 8 years old. She is shy, and quiet, and obedient. She has dark skin compared to all of the other kids.

Geak- Youngest sister, 3 years old. She is beautiful, and adorable. The elders always pinch her cheeks. She is a happy baby.

The Khmer Rouge makes the family evacuate their home. The Khmer Rouge said the Americans are going to bomb Phnom Penh, and in three days they will be able to return home. The Ung family has to pack up only some of their belongings and leave in their truck. Loung is most affected by this, because she has no idea what’s going on, and she thinks they will be able to return in three days.

Once their truck ran out of...