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Bernardin: Human Resource Management: An Experiential Approach, Fourth Edition

Appendix B: Chapter Exercises

6.2 Hiring a Plant Manager at Dynamo Industries

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Hiring a Plant Manager at Dynamo Industries*


Personnel selection decisions are typically made based on a collection of information from several sources. An organization may have test scores, previous performance appraisals, interview ratings, biographical information, and other data on the candidates. This exercise gives the student a feel for making a final recommendation based on such a collection of data. In addition, through the group interaction, students should gain an understanding of the process involved in a leaderless group discussion. Your assignment is to review candidate credentials for the plant manager positions at Dynamo Industries in Pittsburgh. additional information to gather, sources to drop or change). Be specific in your recommendations. d. A request for whatever additional information you would like to have regarding the process or the candidates, or issues that should be considered that could affect your rank-orderings. Your instructor may stipulate that requests for additional information may be e-mailed prior to the class meeting. This report will be sent to the vice president of production and to the president of Dynamo Industries. Bring this report to class. Part B: Group Analysis Groups should be charged with reaching a consensus on the rank ordering of the top four candidates. Each member should be given an opportunity to review the others’ written reports. The instructor will designate the time to be allotted to this process and will provide additional information on request. In addition, each group should reach consensus on the changes to be made for hiring the plant manager in the future.

Learning Objectives

After completing this exercise, you should be able to 1. Distinguish candidate information that is...

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