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IntroductionThe human resource management function, staffing has always been the central core structure and guideline for all forms of organizations when it comes to supplying theorganization with the right human resource. (Wayne Mondy. R, 2008. Human Resource Management. 10th edition. Malaysia: Pearson). Any existing organization would want a

workforce equipped with the right technical skills for the right job at the right time. Often times, an organization will not be able to achieve slotting in each and every vacancy with the right person but only manage to slot in those vacancies with the person who possesses skills that are closest to the stated job descriptions. However, to do that, many managers today still

apply the very method of staffing and how staffing can satisfy the needs of the organization from our text books. ( James A. F Stoner. 1978. Management. International edition. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall Inc. ) According to the book entitled “Human Resource Management” written by R. Wayne Mondy, the works of the staffing process used by managers today can be

simply pictured as a flowing diagram, by finitially conducting a form of job analysis within the

organization itself, then recruiting and finally ending with the selection of the best suited

candidate. In the following context, a thorough insight regarding recruitment and it’s background and also how has it mold the very foundation of most of today’s organizations

which is the human workforce will be discuss next in relation with the candidates and the

employer. The relevancy of recruitment with two other human resource function will also bemeticulously look into.

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