How Social Networks Effect Our Daily Life

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How Social Networks Effect Our Daily Life

Today, many people are highly active on social networking sites. According to the study, more than 150 million people use Facebook to keep in touch with friends, share photographs and vedios and post regular updates of their movement and thoughts. A further six millon people have signed up to Twitter, the micro-blogging service that lets users circulate text messages about themselves. Some people think that social networks are dangerous and they aren’t real. In my opinion, social networks are good because they make our life more convenient in three ways, such as many people use social networks to keep in touch with friends, promote their product as a seller or affiliater and play games.

First, social networks let us keep in touch with friends. People can present their personal information and thoughts for anyone to see. Besides, we can find our old friend that we separate for a long time. Even though we don’t meet frequently, we can know our friend’s life and their status by social networks. Although the social networks change the ways to make friends, it is more convenient to keep in touch with our friends in busy life. We can share our information wherever we are. Therefore, the social network is a good way to contact with friends in modern times.

Second, social networking sites are good for business. Some employers encourage their employees to use social networks to build relationships and closer link with colleagues and customers. Then, it can help businesses rather than damage them. Due to the fact that lots of people use social networks everyday, the companies can share information by social networks, such as Facebook or Youtube. For that, it may enhance earning for the company. Although some companies may prohibit their employees from using the social networks at work, I feel that it can build a good relationship between employees and customers. Thus, it is a good way to advertise for...