Marketing Strategy Paper

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Marketing Strategy Paper

University of Phoenix


Chrisann Merriman, Instructor

November 15, 2009

Marketing Strategy Paper


Marketing research is the identification of a specific market and measurement of its size and other characteristics. Research is the organized assembly, recording, and analysis of information about situations relating to marketing products and services. The importance of marketing research is the strategy because it provides imminent to what customers want, the trends of the customer, the competition status, determines the option of target market segments, situating, marketing mix, and portions of resources. This paper will validate the significance of marketing research in the expansion of Kudler Fine Foods tactics and marketing strategy, and recognize the areas in which extra market research is needed. The paper will examine the significance of cutthroat intellect and analysis in regard to the growth of Kudler Fine Foods marketing strategy and tactics.

Importance of Marketing Research

Kudler Fine Foods is a company that offers consumers with a one-stop shop for gourmet foods. Three locations located throughout the San Diego area. When Kathy Kudler decided to open her first store, she thought of opening a business on the high end of town in La Jolla California offering a selection of fine foods from its gourmet bakery goods, wine, non-organic and organic goods, dairy and cheese, wine, fresh meats, and seafood. The store also offers monthly in store appreciation classes for catering, wine and cheese, and cooking classes as well in private residences. Kudler Fine Foods does have market research information obtainable for evaluating the needs of the consumer. Traditionally, Kudler Fine Foods has trailed data such as the dollar price and profit margin per operation, cash sales and profit levels by day, and cash sales, and profit margins by piece. However, in an effort to gain a larger variety of consumers, Kudler has...