Tanglewood Case 3

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Like many retailers, Tanglewood experiences a stable rate of turnover, and thus recruiting efforts remain high. The methods used by Tanglewood vary from many regions in which they serve. By reviewing the recruiting methods used by Tanglewood, we will be able to create a guide that can be functional along with Tanglewood developing recruiting services which reflect Tanglewood’s unique personality. Please see the recruitment guide below.

Position:  Store Associate

Reports to:  Shift Leader

Qualifications:  Training available

Relevant labor market:  Western Washington

Timeline:  Continuously recruiting

Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates:

Regional media advertisement

Post job openings on company Web site

Request employee referrals

Contact job placement companies

Contact local schools for referrals

Job fairs

Staff members involved:

HR Recruiting manager

Store Manager

Assistant Manager for Department

Potential peers and direct reports


Promotion from within is a very important aspect of Tanglewood. All employees start out as store associates. Therefore, Tanglewood must attract the top talent at the store associate level so they can promote them to higher level positions. The best candidates for Tanglewood to target are high school seniors and college freshman. This is because then Tanglewood will be able to train and develop the talents which they wish these individuals to posses. This will also promote brand loyalty because the employees will feel a sense of loyalty to the company if the company has supported them as they received their education. Tanglewood currently uses five different types of recruitment strategies. The following paragraphs will discuss the different methods and who those methods are targeting.

Tanglewood uses different media outlets to advertise their open positions. They use those outlets such as print, radio, and television coupled with individuals filling out a standardized...