It 273 Unit 8 Project

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Unit 8 Project

Kaplan University

1. Review Questions

A. A(n) POWER SURGE is a momentary increase in voltage due to lightning strikes, solar flares, or electrical problems.

B. SOCIAL ENGINEERING occurs when a person attempts to glean access or authentication information by posing as someone who needs that information.

C. MIRRORING is a fault-tolerance technique in which one device or component duplicates the activities of another.

D. CLUSTERING is a fault-tolerance technique that links multiple servers together to act as a single server.

E. ENCRYPTION is the use of an algorithm to scramble data into a format that can be read only by reversing the algorithm

2. Security Breaches

Employees should not be writing passwords on post its and leaving them out in the open. In fact, employees shouldn’t be writing passwords down period. Having strong passwords is key, but some users are forgetful and assume since they are at work their password written on a post it is harmless. A customer could easily spot a password and access your network and steal important information. So users should be trained to use hints if password remembrance is an issue.

The email issue sounds like the network may have spyware installed on it. Emails may be being intercepted and causing the competitors to copy Banana trees marketing ideas. Installing and updating antivirus software should correct this problem if it is spyware.

3. Security Checklist

 Set strong administrative password

 Download and install all critical updates

 Audit physical network security

 Use a firewall

 Install antivirus and antispyware software

 Install and configure Web filtering software

 Train employees on social engineering

 Do not allow employees to use data disks or thumb drives unless permission is granted

 Turn off auto run feature on employee computers

 Employees should have strong passwords including special characters and...

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