Computerized Pharmacy System

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1.0. Introduction

1.1. Background of the system

Effective inventory management is an important part of a manager’s job. Managers are tasked to make consistent, reliable, and timely decisions under the challenges of uncertainty, pressure, and lack of information. It is often that managers do not have enough time or information to make a perfect decision but they are forced to solve problems using resources within their control.

This school is privately owned and managed by the OP headed by Sr. Ceferina C. Alvarez. The Moreno pharmacy is located at the heart of the town of Jolo, in Barangay Port-area in particular. The Moreno pharmacy was established in 1947. For the longest time the pharmacy is using a manual inventory system. This system is too slow and too difficult to manage. It is too slow because one needs to write all the data and report manually. And too difficult in the sense that the pharmacy needs to hire more knowledgeable sales lady in recording the data. So as a consequence, lack of information and slow transaction are encountered when the handlers are untrained or not knowledgeable enough of the matter.

Based on the initial data collected of the proponents of the research, we decided to propose a computer based inventory system for the said pharmacy, that enable the pharmacy to render good service for every customer to address the problem that they are facing. As the rapid improvement in technology arises today, many useful and efficient machines are used in order for the people to have an easier way of doing things.

The said system will make an inventory easier and fast. And also the pharmacy will have also an efficient and effective service to their clientele in addition to it will truthfully improve the management of the business as well as make efficient report that they often need in inventory sale. We proposed this system because we wanted to help the Moreno pharmacy to upgrade and automate their system.