Financial Performance of Disney

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Financial Performance during the Past 2 Years

Walt-Disney consolidated results reflect that 2010 revenues is higher than 2009 with a 5% increase or1.9 billion to 38.1 billion. The cost and expenses for 2010 is 3% higher than 2009. The net income in 2010 is 20% higher than 2009 $656 million, to $4.0 billion.


The year 2009 Disney financial ratio current assets 2.928 divided by current liabilities, which is 1.369 the total is 2.14. The year 2010 current assets 3.055 divided by current liabilities of 1.504 totals are 2.03. The current assets and liabilities in Disney were lower in 2010 compared in 2009. The cash and cash equivalents are 3,417 in 2009 compared to 2.722 in 2010. The receivables, inventories, television cost and other current assets is lower compare to 2010. The deferred income taxes were higher in 2009 versus 2010. The accounts payable and other occurred liabilities, current portion of borrowing and unearned royalties and other advances were lower in 2010 compared to 2009, which contribute to a lower number for current assets and current liabilities in 2010.


Walt-Disney dept is the total depth 11.49 billion divided by total assets of 63.117 the total is 0.1820 in 2009. The year 2010 the total depth divided by total assets is 0.1467 because the number is lower in 2010 the dept is greater in 2009. Disney borrowed 10,130 in 2010 compared to 11,495 in the year 2009. The other long-term liabilities were higher in 2010 compared to 2009.

Return on equity:

The Disney financial reports consist of key components that directly relate to the return on the equity rate. The return on equity rate for the 2010 Disney financial reports was 11.18%. This figure informs the public of Disney’s amount of net income returned as a percentage of shareholders equity. The average return on equity rate for similar corporations is in the range of 10 to 15 percent. This figure puts Disney squarely in the median rate of return on equity.