Pressures of Being a Student

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The Pressures of Being a Student

In America, after graduating from high school, some students want to get a job, but most students want to attend a college or university. However, being a college student is just not easy. It is very different from high school. There are many pressures that students have to face. For me, an alien resident, being a college student is more difficult. Three main pressures of being a college student are economic or financial, academic and self-expectations.

First of all, finances are always the biggest problems for me. As you know, being a college student costs a lot of money. Therefore, most students apply for financial aid or their parents pay for them. My parents can’t afford to pay tuition for me and I work a full-time job. For Asian people, especially Vietnamese, the oldest brother has responsibilities to his family and so do I. I have to work full-time to support our living, and also to pay for school. I can’t apply for financial aid because if I do, I can’t go to work. Then, I will not have enough money to live. Even though working a full-time job and going to school make me tired and sometimes I feel exhausted from work, I still think that is a small challenge for the investment in my future.

The second pressure for a student is academic. I hesitated to choose my subject. I wanted to study computer science or business. I thought that I would study both subjects, but it is very difficult for me. Furthermore, it will take me a long time. After that, I figured out what I like and computer science is my favorite subject. However, I wonder if I can get a job that suits my education when I graduate. That question is always on my mind. Moreover, I do not understand higher education in America because I have only been living here for two years. Therefore, I don’t know what method of studying I should do. Are there any differences between Vietnam and America? I think there are some differences because of cultural differences between...

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