Me in 5 Years

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3. Where do you see yourself in three to five years? How will you get there/accomplish your goals.

In three to five years from today, as a hard worker, I have many goals set for myself for my near future. I know that by striving for what I want and believing I can do it that I will be where I truly want to be. I definitely will be going to college, a large one where I can meet new people to be with along the way. The business and financing majors seem to interest me the most from past experience, so I can definitely see myself making a career of it someday. In five years, I see myself recieving my Bachelor's degree and going into my next two years for my PHD. I'd like to start my life and eventually achieve "the American Dream." I believe the highest education you can recieve will get me where I want to be, and I truly value education. There are also many other goals I would like to accomplish over the next three to five years. As of right now, I plan to get a small part-time job and keep working my way up for the next few years. I would like to start working at a local bank in my neighborhood, and I know from there only bigger and better opportunities will come my way. I'd like to work longer hours over the summer and eventually get a new job that connects with my major so I can get the experience while getting the education. I am looking into attending college in New York, New Jersey, Florida and even here in Massachusetts. I can only hope for help from a scholarship to really go into a nice college that'd I would really love to attend. Once I get to college, I plan to work even harder than I ever have before. I take school more seriously than anything because it's hard to live the life I would like to one day have without a good education. I've worked so hard through out high school to get where I am now, and I have no intentions of stopping now. I believe that if you want something, you need to try your best, or else there's no point in trying at all. I'd...

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