Cobra Energy Drink

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1. Executive Summary:

Cobra Energy Drink was launched in December 2006 by Mr. Lucio Tan in the Philippine market. Contrary to the popular belief, it is actually a international brand, owned by Cobra International Beverage Holdings, which is based in Thornhill Canada. Beyond that, Cobra was popular in their aim to serve the needs of individuals who active and exhausting lifestyles, hence, demanding a lot of their performance and exacting physical and/or mental strain on their bodies. COBRA energizes not just the body but also the mind and ultimately the soul or well being of a person. Seeing the drastic change of commercial shown in TV and billboards advertisement from particularly the one featuring a buffed man with a phrase “PAG MERON KA NITO ALA TALO,” now to a catcher “DI UMAATRAS ANG MAY TUNAY NA LAKAS,” provides COBRA a greater opportunity for market growth. The existing market is generally male-oriented . There are, however, a growing number of women working, particularly, Class C and DC, than men. Market research indicates that there is a great demand for potential female market. Cobra will work to grow these market and develop variety of product line which Cobra can offer not only to strong men. Cobra will achieve fast, significant market penetration through a solid business model, long-range planning, and a strong management team that is able to execute this exciting opportunity. This is a step up marketig and re-branding to attract more females to purchase its product, while also retaining an ageing customer base. Cobra will provocate effort in advertisement by introducing new product line, “LADY COBRA.” In addition, a SAFE label will be seen in all products of Cobra to educate identified customers that the product is safe to drink.

By the end of the year, Cobra will have a product alliance with PAGCOR, as an official energy drink of Pagcorian and their customers. This will achieve higher margins and maintain a close relationship with customers,...

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