Tanglewood Case 2

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Environmental Scan

After conducting an environmental scan, we have determined that Tanglewood might have problems filling their vacancies for a number of reasons. According to the scan, there is a consistent supply of external candidates, college graduates, who are qualified and ready to fill managerial positions. However, the retail industry is undesirable to these students due to low pay, long hours, and frequent conflict with lower-level employees. Many individuals are reluctant to put in several years of low-level work before being promoted. In addition, recent forecasts suggest that expansion in the professional and managerial sectors of the labor market may reduce the number of individuals available for these jobs.

The second problem Tanglewood faces is the heavy reliance on its experienced employees as a major source of talent. Your company promotes extensively from within. Managerial employees often have significant experience with the company’s social environment and culture. This internal staffing strategy of Tanglewood is seen as a real strength for the company because being promoted is believed to increase the retention of lower level employees.

Preliminary Statement of the Action Plan

In conjunction with the staffing planning process, the organization’s staffing philosophy should be reviewed. The relative importance to the organization of external or internal staffing is a critical matter because it directly shapes the nature of the staffing system. Tanglewood should continue to emphasize the importance and value in maintaining a core workforce and developing talent because it fosters a sense of commitment and shared purpose toward the organization’s mission. The unique culture and environment has much to do with Tanglewood’s success and you want to be as close to your organization’s mission statement as possible.

According to the forecast of labor requirements, Tanglewood can expect to hire 4,845 new store associates, 42 shift leaders, 105...