Describe a Recent Purchase You Made. Indicate Why That Particular Product Was Available at Store and, in Particu-Lar, at the Store Where You Bought It?

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(How to Market iPhone Apps)

How do you market an iPhone app?

I want to share a couple of things we’ve learned at Pinged.

The Pinged product team and engineers are amazing. They’ve created 4 20 top 100 apps (Text free with Voice, Text free Unlimited, Doodle Buddy, and Stick wars to name a few). Text free Unlimited was a top 50 paid app for 65 days 420 days, even though it was priced at $5.99. Text free continues to be a top 100 free app over 2 years after its launch.

Here are 7 things you may want to consider when marketing your iPhone app.

1)Build a great app

2) Have a lite & paid version

3) Advertise on iPhone ad networks

4) Get free exposure

5) Test everything

6) Listen to feedback

7) Go global

1. Build a Great App

is really hard to get in and stay in the top 100, with a mediocre app (although it happens).

Our first app, Pinger Phone, was in the top 100 free apps, for 15 days. It was a good app. Text free Lite on the other hand was a great app (now replaced by Text free with Voice). It was in the top 100 free apps for 375 days.

Why? It’s easy to use. It works. It’s something people need. Reviews have consistently been 3 1/2 stars for the lite version and 4 stars for the paid version.

2. Have a Lite & Paid Version

Not going to spend a lot of time on this one…so much has been written on her If you can create a good lite version and an even better paid version, it will very likely help drive sales.

3. Spend Money on Mobile Ads

You’re serious about getting above the now over 500,000 apps; you’ll most likely need to spend some money. I’ve read some ridiculous articles suggesting that app developers should use Google Ad words, Yahoo mobile and others I won’t mention.

Spend $200-$500 and see where it gets you. You can target by country, device, and test several ads at once. Make sure you can track your new users and ranking hourly. Learn from it. Then spend more if you can. Your goal is to either: 1) get enough downloads to get into the...