Staffing Handbook

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Staffing Handbook
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Acme Manufacturing, Inc.

HRM 410

October 16, 2011

Handbook Date: | 10/2011 |

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. ACME’s Strategic Staffing Definition

3. The Job Analysis Process at ACME Manufacturing

a. Example of ACME Job Analysis Form

4. The Job Posting Process

a. Example of an Internal Job Posting

5. The Application Process

a. Brief explanation about how the application is utilized

b. Example of an ACME Employment Application

6. The Interviewing Process

a. Examples of legally, acceptable interview questions

7. ACME’s Pre-employment Assessments

a. EEOC’s suggested best practices for testing and selection guidelines

8. Retention practices and corporate culture

9. Internal Recruiting Process

10. Eligibility Verification Process

11. Conclusion


The ACME Staffing Handbook was developed to assist managers and supervisors in understanding facets of the staffing process. The sections in this handbook should explain certain staffing functions and their importance to the organization. Managers have a significant role in the staffing process. Managers represent the company and the company’s strategic goal of employee development and growth. The handbook will cover areas such as the job analysis process, job postings, application procedures, the interview process, and other areas of interest to managers. Managers can use the staffing handbook as a reference for basic information. Managers are encouraged to seek additional assistance from the HR department if the handbook does not provide a suitable explanation or answer.

ACME Manufacturing’s Strategic Staffing Definition

ACME Manufacturing continually changes its business and staffing processes to integrate long-term business strategies and company goals with current operating plans to meet future market trends. Identifying trends in the business market and adapting our staffing needs is a...

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